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Personalized wellness coaching and education for healthy employees and reduced healthcare costs.

Chronic diseases are some of the most costly, deadly illnesses impacting America today, totaling 75% of all healthcare costs, an estimated $5,300 per person annually, and leading to 1.7 million deaths each year— and the numbers are projected to grow significantly.1

These statistics are just the beginning of the unfortunate story of poor health on a national and local level—but you have the ability to write a new narrative for your employees. Wise Health Decisions Wellness Program is the key to improving your employees’ self-care behaviors and decreasing chronic illness risk factors.
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At Wise Health Decisions Wellness Program, we believe real change comes from coaching and education.

Our customized health and wellness program focuses on giving your employees the information and tools they need to make smart, healthy choices, leading to improved health. The chain reaction of healthier decision-making not only decreases the risk of chronic diseases for employees, but significantly reduces healthcare costs for you.
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Small Changes Over Time Make a Big Difference

Our customized program helps employees understand, learn, develop, and maintain healthy habits for life
Understanding and learning leads to behavior modification, which is the foundation for implementing and sustaining healthier choices. Our program offers four specific areas of health and wellness coaching and education that contribute to the overall improvement of personal health management.


Behavior Change Coaching and Education
The path to a healthier lifestyle starts with small changes.
Personal Therapeutic Coaching
We simplify healthy self-care through expert advice and training.

Biometric Screenings

Biometric Testing & Health Screenings
By assessing and monitoring employee health, we make real progress.

Analytical Reporting

Analytics & Reporting
Measuring program effectiveness ensures improvements over time.
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“I really like coming to talk with you, and I know that everything is kept confidential!”
— First year employee
“You guys are one of the only bright spots in my life.”
—Manufacturing employee
“I learn something new every time I come here.”
—Employee’s spouse
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