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Health and wellness are learned behaviors—and with many chronic illnesses and diseases on the rise, it is more important than ever for people to be educated on how to practice healthy self-care. At Wise Health Decisions Wellness Program, we believe in coaching employees through building sustainable solutions to improve and maintain healthy habits.

For more than 20 years, our team has worked closely with employers and employees to transform poor decisions into effective self-care strategies, which can lead to the prevention of dangerous diseases while reducing and controlling healthcare costs.

It is our mission to:

  • Improve employee lifestyle behaviors
  • Avoid the onset of chronic diseases or reduce complications of existing diseases
  • Reduce employer costs

Real People, Real Results:

A female employee, at her visit in July, had a blood pressure in the high risk category, blood glucose in the moderate risk category, elevated triglycerides and body mass index in the very high risk category. She reported no routine exercise. She was given the Wise Health Decisions healthy meal planning ideas and encouraged to increase her activity level. By her next visit in September, she was walking every day and making healthier food choices. Her blood pressure had decreased to the moderate risk category and her blood glucose was normal, but her triglycerides and weight had increased. At her November visit, she had added Zumba and was continuing to make changes to her diet. Her blood pressure remained in the moderate risk category and blood glucose in the low risk category. Her triglycerides were normal with a decrease of 38% from her September visit. She lost 8.4 pounds. No medication was initiated.
We work to achieve our mission through six integrated building blocks. These unique approaches to health and wellness development give program participants the confidence and support they need to succeed.
Expert Behavior-Change Coaches
Easy Access to Coaches
Clinically Proven Lifestyle Coaching Techniques
Frequent Biometric Screenings & Evaluation
Personalized Improvement Plan
Analytics Program to Assess Efficacy
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Meet our Team

Patricia (Trish) Moore MSN, RN, CDCES

CEO, President

Nancy E. Dayhoff EdD, RN

Corporate Liaison

Professional Team

Registered Nurses

Our RNs are required to have a minimum of five years experience and are taught how to provide effective assessments, interpretations of test values for employees, and motivational coaching techniques to help our clients develop sustainable self-care.

Data Analyst

Our analyst uses a custom, innovative electronic record system to capture clinical and biometric data through coaching notes and observations. He works to maintain the system’s data integrity, analyses, and generation of client reports for accuracy.

Support Team

Our professional team is supported by our team of data entry, and project/appointment managers. They are the oil that allows our machine to run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.
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