Simple Setup Allows Us More Time to Make a Difference

Our easy-to-implement program accommodates your unique needs, budget, and culture.

We want your experience with the Wise Health Decisions Wellness Program to be as seamless and simple as possible. Our program was developed with employers in mind, ensuring your time is valued. With just a few small obligations on your end, we will take care of the rest, managing and monitoring your employees’ health and wellness progress.

Our Process

We will meet with you and your staff to discuss your corporate wellness goals and budget. We use our 20 years of program implementation and management experience to build the best customized implementation plan for your company, leading to life-changing outcomes.
What we need from employers:
  • Description of your corporate wellness goals and budget
  • Number of employees eligible to attend Wellness Program
  • Shifts of your employees
  • Location of where you’d like our team to conduct coaching sessions
    • We do not need a build-out
    • Private room with table and chairs is all that is required
Please note: Our team takes Covid-19 very seriously. To ensure you and your employees are protected, we are taking extra safety precautions, including providing personal protective equipment, for all program participants. We will continue to monitor and manage social distancing practices and provide the tools necessary to hold on-site clinics as safely as possible.
What we deliver:
  • A detailed proposal that defines the customized program for your company that is designed for the best possible outcomes
  • Setup of program
  • Scheduling one-on-one time with each employee
    • Initial appointments are 30 minutes, with 20 minute follow-up appointments
  • Employee sessions
    • 100% confidential
    • Coordinated either onsite, via webcoaching, or telephonic coaching
      • Onsite coaching will include biometric screenings for:
        • Blood Pressure
        • Blood Glucose
        • Total Cholesterol
        • Weight and BMI Metrics
    • Includes: result explanation, risk discussion, and advice on healthy self-care habits
  • Ongoing support
  • Monitoring and reporting of outcomes and results for each employee
  • Providing employers aggregate reports based on outcomes

How We Are Different

Customization, building strong, trusting relationships with employees, and providing access to RNs makes the Wise Health Decisions Wellness Program a hands on, unique solution to improving the health of your workforce.
“I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to participate in this program. It’s wonderful!”
—Manufacturing Employee
We believe in giving you the best service possible, which means that all fees are included in the proposal. Once you sign up, we will coordinate with your Human Resources (HR) department to identify employees and establish initial visits. To ensure program success, we will manage all employee visit scheduling and reporting. We will work directly with your HR department to identify those employees eligible for your incentive program.
Let us improve the health and wellness of your employees and reduce healthcare costs for you.
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